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We live in a global environment and our education system should be forward thinking and focused on teaching students the skills they will need to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

As your representative, I will work to give parents more control over their child’s education and reform the system to give the next generation the best opportunity to succeed.

1)   Education is an issue that touches every American. We must do better if we are to compete and survive in the next decade. That is why I am committed to:

  1. Increasing Teacher pay- A persistent problem in our society is our failure to pay teachers what they are worth. Instead of rewarding our teachers with great pay we hold them back with limited incentives. This is a terrible precedent and it fails to reward them for superior work. We must dramatically increase teacher pay to have a better educational system.  
  2. Cutting Common Core- The standards should be eliminated because it stands between parents and their children. Burdensome regulations and bureaucracy stifle the educational system. It holds back the child, teacher and parent with an unrealistic expectation. I strongly support giving control of our Educational Systems back to the state and local communities to control.
  3. Fund, Expand and Empower School Choice- There is no greater gift that can be granted to a child or a nation than a first-class education.

           i.     I support school vouchers for those whom can least afford it. By denying those with lower income the same opportunities as those of higher income, we segregate society. I support scholarships & vouchers to those parents whom are struggling with poverty to give their children the best opportunity for a brighter future.



The United States has less than five percent of the world’s population, yet we incarcerate nearly a quarter of the world’s prisoners. The government has a duty to protect it’s citizens from physical, mental, and financial harm by others, not to create more criminals through a disproportional system of punishment.

As your representative, I will work to reform America’s criminal justice system. To that end, every American has the right to be secure in their home and in their community. I will work to:

  1. Fix our broken immigration system & enforce the current laws before we make new ones.
  2. Pay our law enforcement officers and first responders better.
  3. Stop over criminalization- Congress has failed to place proper checks and balances within the criminal justice system. They lack of oversight has encouraged and over-criminalized behavior and actions to which it has no moral right.
  4. Return the judiciary to protecting liberty, ensure property rights,  and help the free enterprise system. Our judicial system has become more focused on legislating than their mandated constitution powers and it must be stopped.


America’s lethargic economy is due to out-of-control spending, corporate welfare, a burdensome tax code, undeclared and expensive wars, an unsustainable trade deficit, and policies that punish success.

Healthy and sustainable economic growth are the foundation of prosperity. It is impossible to borrow our way to prosperity.

1)   Fiscally Responsible- We have burdened our children with staggering amounts of debt by financing extravagant programs and wasteful spending. We are living on borrowed time (and money). In order to fix this we must grow our economy quickly. The only way to do that successfully in the short run is to lower tax rates and allow companies like Apple™ to bring their billions in overseas money back to the US to spend here on hiring new employees, building new facilities and grow the economy.

  1. Incentivize savings within government agencies. If they spend less on overhead, excess inventory, and crackdown on fraud, we can achieve greater than 10% savings in the first two years. It will go a long way in reducing our excessive spending. We should reward those government employees whom oversee budgets and save taxpayer’s money.
  2. The federal debt will be $20Trillion dollars in 2017, or roughly 40% of our GDP. This is unsustainable and will cause the collapse of “life as we know it.” The American dream will be over. As interest rates rise globally, that portion of debt will grow larger even if we do not borrow any additional money from our grandchildren.
    1. A child born this year inherits more than $42,000 of public debt when they take his or her first breath. By the time they are 18yo, they will owe the Federal government more than $68,000 and when they are 35yo it will be a staggering $117,000 (this does not include a mortgage, no college loans, not auto loans, no credit card debt).
    2. Just six years after this election our interest payments on the debt will exceed our defense budget. This places us at great risk as a nation and ignores our fundamental responsibility to provide for the common defense.

2)   Reduce Federal Taxes for Job Creators - We can foster new business and grow jobs in America if we make make reasonable reductions in federal taxation rates for companies whom hire and grow their workforce in America. They should be rewarded for their innovation and the talent of their American workers. 


Energy independence is critical to America’s national security and should be a top priority.

As your representative, I will support legislation that encourages renewable and sustainable energy produced on our American soil, that is competitive in the free market. 


It is our responsibility to be good stewards of the earth by properly balancing the need for economic growth with the needs of a health environment.

As your representative, I will support common-sense environmental protection that will preserve our environment for future generations.


The most important responsibility of the federal government is national defense. The U.S. Constitution is very clear, Congress must "provide for the common defense." However, our nation’s $18.5 trillion national debt is not only a threat to our economy but a serious threat to our national defense.

As your representative, I will support a foreign policy of peace through strength. In order to do that we must rebuild military readiness levels and protect our homeland first.


Our current tax code is overly complicated and burdensome to most Americans. While large corporations are able to hire high priced accountants to game the tax system for their benefit, small businesses and entrepreneurs suffer, causing harm to economic development.

Our tax system should encourage job creation and economic growth here at home. Not punish it.

As your representative, I will support legislation that replaces the current tax code with a new system based on a low flat tax that is fair for all Americans. A tax code that encourages domestic job creation and the growth of our economy.


I am a strong advocate for term limits. Career politicians in Washington are harmful to our system of government.

As your representative, I will support mandatory term limits of six years for the House of Representatives (3 terms) and twelve years for the Senate (2 terms). 


Our decades long, large trade deficit is unsustainable. America’s heavy dependence on foreign suppliers for a wide range of consumer products makes us vulnerable in the event of conflict.

The federal government must negotiate a trade deal that puts American interests first. 

In order to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, we must eliminate the barriers that make it impossible for us to compete and create a business friendly environment right here at home.

As your representative, I will support legislation that reforms regulations that hinder competition and will work to create an economic environment that encourages capital investment into our country.


America’s veterans and their families have made tremendous sacrifices for our country.

As your representative, I will fight to ensure that our veterans and their families receive the support they have earned. I will always stand up for our veterans and will hold the V.A. accountable.


I am a strong supporter of 2A right. 






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