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Profile : District 4 Congressional Race

"RALEIGH -- The North Carolina's 4th Congressional District race pits an almost 30 year veteran in Congress against an entrepreneur from Cary.

Democratic incumbent Rep. David Price is facing off against the Republican nominee Sue Googe. "


Duke Chronicle

From communist China to congressional candidate: Sue Googe talks American liberty

“My principle is to protect people’s personal liberty, and to protect private property against government overreach,” she said. “Government’s job is to provide collective defense and to provide a platform that’s fair to all so everyone can rise up from the platform. Anything that moves away from that, I’m likely not to agree with that.”


Sue Googe aiming for upset

"Googe, who offers herself as a new kind of Republican, stands for criminal justice reform, tightening border security, term limits, and trade deals that put America first. She also calls herself a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights and someone who will fight for our veterans. Googe, who grew up in extreme poverty in Communist China, is seen by her supporters as someone who embodies the American Dream."

The Huffington Post

Sue Googe: Entrepreneurial woman on the rise politically 

"She started her career in technology and real estate, successfully carving out her own businesses and learning the ropes of American entrepreneurship."

"Being a software engineer, I solve problems day in and day out with fact based reasoning, use critical thinking skills, think outside of box constantly, believe there is no obstacle I can’t conquer, no system defect where I can’t find a solution, there are no bugs can’t be fixed. 

"I carry a fearless, “can do” attitude, and never take no for an answer in making the government work for the people." 


We endorse Sue Googe in the Republican primary

"Googe is a Ron Paul-style libertarian who focuses on criminal justice reform and marijuana legalization, states' rights to make decisions on abortion and gay marriage, and a simplified tax system."

"we have to endorse her over Kimball simply because she seems to have a better handle on the issues facing the country...
and we empathize with her antiwar leanings and desire to cooperate with foreign powers over Kimball's decidedly hawkish approach. Calling for criminal justice reform doesn't hurt either."

the Story Exchanged

Businesswomen on the ballot - Sue Googe

"For Sue Googe, an uphill political battle is simply the latest in a lifelong series of challenges."

Googe is the Republican candidate taking on favored Democratic incumbent Rep. David Price for North Carolina’s 4th district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. She is also an immigrant who escaped extreme childhood poverty in a remote mountain region of an island of communist China to immigrate to the United States, where she became a successful entrepreneur.

“When I see an obstacle, I always try to overcome it. That attitude has helped me succeed,” she says. “My tenacity pays off.”

Two Republicans square off for a shot at US Rep. David Price

Googe differs from many in her party on foreign policy. She thinks the U.S. should scale back its military involvement overseas, and she thinks all wars should require congressional approval.

“As an American congressperson, I want to protect American people, and that’s it,” she said. “I’m going to reduce a lot of America’s international burdens.”

Googe also opposes trade deals, saying that in many cases, the U.S. “got screwed.”


2/25/2016 Sue Googe: A New Breed of Republican

"Given her experiences growing up under communism, Googe is convinced that small government, free enterprise, and liberty are the keys to preserving the American Dream for others. She’s particularly strong on the issue of free speech, and fears that chipping away.

But it’s on the issue of foreign policy where Googe most stands out. She characterizes herself as anti-war, and while she supports building a strong military, says that it must be used wisely. She opposes America being the “policeman of the world” and supports going to war only once the President has received the approval of Congress, in accordance with the Constitution"

June 2, 2016 Googe Campaign Making Waves

"Googe is an advocate of term limits, pledging to serve no more than three terms in Congress. She says she wants to go to Washington to get things done, not to stick around. She aspires to be a “citizen legislator” as originally intended by the Framers, not to be a career politician. In addition, Googe says she wants to inspire young people to pursue public office, particularly young conservatives."


19 Women Who Will Make History if Elected to Congress This Year

"If elected, she will be first Asian American woman to represent North Carolina in Congress."







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